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Role Playing Sessions

Adult Babies, Adult Little Girls & Sissies

Lady Ellen loves to be Mommy and is a natural Dominant. At Le Femme we have a wide range of clothing, accessories and toys to make your time as a sissy or a little as realistic and fun as possible. If you want to be little, Lady Ellen will treat you like a real baby or little girl. Your make over and photo shoot will include play time for babies and chores for sissies. Below you will see some of the items waiting for you at Le Femme.


Here is a poem for Mommy Ellen's little sissy baby girls.

I will give you your bottle with loving care.

I will help get you dressed and fix up your hair.

Look at all the pretty dresses Mommy has for you to wear.
The purple dress locks so Mommy can keep you in there.

Lace and ruffles,
Ribbons and bows,
Your girly fantasies
Mommy already knows.

We'll play dress up with dollies. I'll paint your nails.
When it's time for sissy fun your Mommy never fails.

After ballet lesson Mommy will wash your hair.
Then I will read you a story while you snuggle a bear.

Mommy will tuck you into bed after you say a prayer.
My angel will sleep soundly without the slightest care.



Stop Fantasizing about it and come live your dream for a day. Mommy is waiting for you.







A 3 hour session is $200.
Photos are included at no extra cost.




Instructional Sessions

Sissy Maids

Lady Ellen has on hand a selection of black and white satin sissy maid uniforms in a good range of styles and sizes. Some have a high collar while others a plunging neck line.

For those of you who dream of being held in service, Lady Ellen can lock you into your uniform and keep you until your duties are complete.

Hotel style uniforms in pink, grey and black are also here for your use.

You may choose to learn:



If you love serving, Lady Ellen always has plenty for you to do and is very happy to instruct you in how to do it properly.

3 hours for $200